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Solventis ATENEA SICAV is a european bond markets CII with the goal of beating inflation...

  • It is designed for investors who, above all, are aiming at preserving their capital.
  • The portfolio is diversified between sovereign debt and highly credit rated corporate bonds.
  • The average rating of the portfolio is higher than A.
  • The average duration of the portfolio is under 24 months.
  • No investments are made in non-liquid assets.


  • What is the minimum amount needed to invest in Solventis ATENEA?

    The minimum investment amount is one share at approximately 1 Euro. With Solventis ATENEA you benefit from an excellent quality management service from the very first Euro invested.

  • Can I buy Solventis ATENEA if I am not a Solventis client?

    Yes, if you have a securities account at your bank, savings bank or Investment Service Company, you can buy or sell Solventis ATENEA. Solventis ATENEA is listed daily on the MAB with code number (S3525).

If you have any doubts on how to process the orders please contact us and one of our agents will answer you as soon as possible.