Víctor Moro Rodríguez

President, Solventis A.V.

Professional experience

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solventis A.V., SA
  • Vice President of the Board of Inversiones Estratégicas de Galicia SA, integrated regional promotion by the Xunta de Galicia, banks and savings banks in the region (from 2002 to today).
  • Director of Polipropileno de Galicia SA (from 1996 to today).
  • Director of Unión Fenosa SA (from 1997 to 2002).
  • Director of Constructora San José (from 1995 to 1999).
  • Deputy General Director of the Bank of Spain (from 1992 to 1996).
  • Director of the Bank of Spain in Barcelona, ​​with jurisdiction over all Catalonia branches (from 1982 to 1996).
  • Director of the Bank of Spain in Vigo (from 1980 to 1982).
  • Undersecretary of Fisheries and Merchant Marine - Spanish Ministry of Transport (from 1978 to 1980).
  • Director General of Fisheries - Spanish Ministry of Commerce (from 1975 to 1977).
  • Constituent Senator (from 1977 to 1978).
  • Director General of Pescanova SA (from 1962 to 1975).
  • Branch Controller of the Bank of Spain, no1 of his promotion (from 1960 to 1962).
  • Technical Officer of the Bank of Spain (from 1948 to 1959).


  • Degree in Economics and Business Administration (Major in Economics).
  • Professor of trade law.

Other merits and honors

  • Cruz de Sant Jordi (Generalitat de Catalunya).
  • Naval Cross of Merit (granted by S.M. King).
  • Order of Constitutional Merit (granted by S.M. King).
  • Greater Merit Award for Sea Cooperation (Unión Nacional de Cooperativas del Mar de España).